University of Wisconsin–Madison

Badger Alcohol Check

What is Badger Alcohol Check and Why Does the UW Have It?

The Badger Alcohol Check (BAC) program is a partnership between the Division of Student Life and UW Athletics that helps our students make game days great. The Badger Alcohol Check program is an effort to address alcohol-related behavioral issues at UW football games by allowing students previously ejected from Camp Randall to continue to attend football games as long as they are not under the influence of alcohol.

This effort has made a positive impact, allowing students to attend subsequent games after being ejected, instead of having their remaining ticket vouchers cancelled or being trespassed from the stadium. We want you at every game, all game, to cheer on our Badgers, even after an alcohol-related ejection.

Who Participates in BAC?

Students who are ejected from the stadium, or who are prohibited from entering, for alcohol-related reasons are required to participate in the BAC program for each subsequent game they attend that season. Enrollment is an administrative action independent of the misconduct process. Enrolled students will receive an email from the Division of Student Life the week prior to the next home football game explaining the program’s requirements for the remainder of the season. Students enrolled in the program are the only person allowed to use their remaining ticket vouchers for the rest of the season.

I’m enrolled in BAC. Where do I need to go?

The BAC table is located inside the stadium near the north tunnel and gate 4. The table is set up from thirty minutes before scheduled kickoff to thirty minutes after. Students enrolled in the program should enter the stadium at gate 5 as normal. We recommend you arrive with the friends you plan to watch the game with, so you can exchange your voucher for your tickets and be assigned to the same seating area. After exchanging your voucher, walk down the ramp towards the North tunnel (following the directions on the BAC sign on the fence). The table will be set up near the entrance to the stadium police center at the bottom of the ramp. At the table you’ll check in with your student ID and complete a preliminary breath test to ensure compliance with the program requirements.

After a student is enrolled in Badger Alcohol Check, they will be expected to check in at the BAC table for every home game they attend for the rest of the season.

What are expectations for students in the BAC program?

Students in the program are expected to comply with the following:

  • Be the only person who uses one of your vouchers. It’s important to retain contact information of ticket recipients if you sell/give away a ticket and need to get it back.
  • When you attend a game, check in at the BAC table and have a BAC under the specified limit (.00 for individuals under 21; .08 for individuals 21 and up)
  • Only attend home football games using your own student voucher
  • Avoid all alcohol-related violations at a football game while enrolled in the BAC program

Failure to comply with the above expectations, or engaging in other policy violations at the stadium, may result in referral for nonacademic misconduct as well as revocation of remaining tickets. Sanctions from misconduct could include the loss of the privilege to attend future home sporting events, even in subsequent seasons.

What else do I need to know?

The only way to be sure you won’t be enrolled in the BAC program is to not drink before a football game. If you do choose to drink, you will want to be prepared for the possibility that you could be ejected due to a policy or ticketing violation.

Beyond that, if you are contacted by police in or around the stadium on game days, be cooperative to resolve the process as quickly and responsibly as you can.